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Ghassan's parents
"My husband and I researched many preschools before deciding on MCG. Our criteria was top education and an environment where our kids would look forward to going to school. MCG has been that and so much more.

Every teacher brings a rich skill set and an amazing personality that embraces every child and develops them to their fullest potential. It's a lovely environment and we are so fortunate to have access to it."
Farheen & Javad (Sarah's parents)

"MCG has provided our daughter Sarah Ahmed with a solid foundation in both Islamic studies and English learning. This is a great community school with an outstanding team of teachers and staff, led by an exemplary leader Abeer Al Afifi who is extremely passionate about teaching and children, and effective discipline skills.

We consider ourselves very fortunate that Sarah goes to Muslim Children's Garden preschool and are thankful to Abeer and the MCG team for working hard everyday to prepare her well for Kindergarten and a great future. Our best wishes and Duas for MCG for many many years of continued success."

Shaima Hammad (Leann and Ayman's mom)
"Jazakom Allah Khair Teacher Abeer and all the teachers and staff at MCG. My children and I have always considered MCG our second home. We and MCG share the same principles of raising well behaved, Muslim believers and happy children.

MCG had a great effect that I have seen and felt in my children. They have planted many seeds of young muslims by gifting Islamic Education to the Peninsula, and they are continuously working hard to achieve their goals and contribute to our children's education and charachter.

One more thing, I love all the Quran and Prophet(AS) stories my children tell me before bed, I love how they ask about before everything they do whether it is Halal or not? I love that at this young age they are proud to be Muslims, recite the Quran and love Allah and his Prophet Mohammad(SAW).

You Did it MCG! May Allah give you the strength and power to give this gift to more and more children and reward you for all your efforts."
Ghina Morad (Yezen Hashem's mom)
"I had put my first son in a private "academically renown school" and thought that this was the best in education. My son started then in the MCG after hours Arabic classes. As I got to know the teachers, I just came to realize how wonderful the school was. It was the place where academics were far more advanced than the "private competitive school" in the Peninsula but the unbelievable love and care of the teachers was what made the magic happen.

When Allah blessed us with our second son, I didn't entertain for a second sending him to any other school. Now that he's graduating after 3 wonderful years at MCG, I'm so excited to see him taking the next step in his life but I'm heart broken as I know 100% that I will never find a match for this school nor its teachers.

May Allah reward each and every staff member for installing the love of learning and the care they provided for our kids."
Samia Shoman (Falestine and Jihad's parents)
"MCG has provided an immeasurably valuable and unique opportunity to Muslim parents on the Peninsula. When Falestine and Jihad are at school, we can rest assure that they are loved, cared for, and intellectually stimulated. As an educator myself, I deeply appreciate the time, effort, and creativity of the staff in caring for and educating our children."
Tasneem Sabri (Zahrah and Ali's parents)
"We moved to the bay three years ago when Zahra was six and Ali was four months and it was extremely difficult for us to leave all of our family and friends. Then we found MCG and in a quick time we made many wonderful friends and Ms Abeer and all the wonderful staff became like our family. We made a new wonderful home here and will forever be grateful to MCG! We could never show enough gratitude to our new family and home.. Thank you so much MCG!"

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