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Our History
Muslim Children's Garden started as a playgroup  in summer 2001. Abeer Al-Afifi & some of her dearest school staff (Teacher Maha, Nermine, & Saima) started this playgroup with their own children. Then by July 2001 Abeer Al-Afifi (Director) opened MCG as a preschool & kindergarten facility. With the same staff having this amazing enthusiasm to reach out to children and give them the chance to flourish within their colorful school, MCG continues its mission. When we as mothers saw how amazing are our children and found how eager they are to discover things, and reach for more, we felt this is our dream come true, and we should share this with other parents who wish to see their children bloom here at MCG.
Our Goals
The school is committed to serve the community with the following goals:
  • Nurturing the growth of the child by providing a safe, stimulating and accepting environment; which will allow each child to:
    • Develop individually through play that encourages learning.
    • Develop socially through activities that encourage participation, cooperation, and leadership.
    • Develop a sense of community as a Muslim by learning the basic Islamic values and by nurturing respect, understanding and acceptance of all people.
    • Develop and form minds that can be critical, can verify and validate information for themselves and not just accept everything they are offered.
    • Develop trust in them and feels confident in their ability to make choices.
    • Develop cognitively in a prepared environment using sensory materials and methods.
  • Enrich our children with lessons in Quran, Islamic studies, Arabic, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Pre-reading skills and Art.
Our Philosophy
Childhood is a time like no other. Tt's a time for exploring... creating... discovering about oneself... for meeting the world... for learning how to learn... for being accepted "just the way I am". It's a time for blossoming and being cherished ... a time for being allowed to be a child.

Our preschool administrators and teachers are committed to the belief that children CAN DO a lot. It is the role of the teachers to build upon those things that children are able to do. We believe that most of life's learning-including how to learn- occurs in the first five years of life. Since each child learns at his/her own space, our teachers will look to him/her to determine the next stage of development. This "can do" approach is the basic philosophy for our preschool. This "can do" viewpoint allows our Muslim society's precious future to become confident and enjoy successes in the atmosphere of respect, warmth, and love.

Phone: +1.650.678.8694
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